We believe that absolutely nobody is so damaged, wounded or hurting that Jesus cannot bring them to a place of complete freedom and wholeness.

Heart for Truth exists to help churches and Christian communities to recognise the power and truth of that statement, and live it out. There are those in our churches and Christian communities who hide a past of ill treatment, abuse, trauma and pain. We believe that they really can find themselves wonderfully set free to love and serve in the power of the Holy Spirit.

We have the firm conviction that Jesus Christ can bring everyone into a place of healing and freedom, no matter what the circumstances.

Our Vision

With that powerful truth in mind, our vision is that every church would be actively engaged in embracing every single hurting person. This involves:

  • Community for the marginalised

  • Encouragement for the down-cast

  • A sense of belonging for every member

  • Healing for the sick

  • Counsel for the hurting and emotionally troubled

Most importantly, we must ensure that those who see themselves as too poor or uneducated, too unworthy or damaged, may be swept into the centre of all that God is doing with and in His people in these days.

Our foundation is rooted in the Word of God and played out in personal experience. Heart for Truth seeks to equip churches to be a safe place in which wounded Christians can be gently and boldly led into maturity and wholeness, and beyond. Only then will they be able to voice what they really know to be true: Jesus is truly alive!

With the above achieved within the church, both individually and corporately, we will then be free to give our all for the kingdom of God.

The world needs to hear from those who were hurting but have been made whole; from the “little people” who are now shouting from the roof tops that nothing is too hard for our God! This can only happen if we take the first steps to include absolutely everyone within our church.

Carolyn Bramhall
Heart For Truth Founder